Selkirk Montessori School

Selkirk Montessori students compose new music for saxophone

For the last couple of years composer and pianist Daniel Brandes has visited schools, teaching children about music and composing through a program called  “composer in the classroom”. This month Daniel invited me to help him at the Selkirk Montessori School, and so I brought my saxophone with me. After having showed the students several

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Why Concert Band clinics by instrument specialists are helpful

How hard is the life of a school band teacher? I think it is fair to say that starting up a band of absolute beginners is one of the hardest things to do. A compounding factor is the make-up of concert bands, which includes the various woodwinds (flutes, clarinets, saxophones, oboes, bassoons), brass (trumpets, trombones,

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We have moved, we’re nearing the end of renovating our music studios, and we’re almost ready to teach again in the fall

Summer has kept us really busy: predominantly with moving and renovating. On July first we moved to beautiful Oak Bay, South Oak Bay to be precise, and are living on a quiet little street called Beaverbrooke Street. It’s right in between St. Michael’s Junior School and Monteray Middle School.  We have moved to Oak Bay,

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Cd Transcribed! has arrived

And there it is! Transcribed! – Music for Saxophone and Piano Erik Abbink (saxophone) and Jacqueline Perriam (piano) Exceptional classical masterpieces by Brahms, Prokofiev, Schumann, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and Vaughan Williams are brought to you in expressive and convincing transcriptions for saxophone and piano. Listen and download your copy here:


Why student concerts matter

On Saturday Jacqueline and I held our bi-yearly student concert. These concerts are quite successful! At their core, student concerts are like progress cards, displaying the advances made through diligent practice. But there are lots of side-benefits too. Firstly, both students and teachers put in extra effort to show their very best of what they

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